sophie Hawkins, BFA, M.Ed, cyt, tmt




Sophie Hawkins is a Certified Yoga Teacher who has been practicing Yoga and Meditation for over 30 years. She is a trained Thai Massage Therapist who also holds a Masters in Education (Counselling Psychology). Sophie has 20 years experience in health care, providing support to trauma survivors, psychiatric survivors and people living on the street.

Her educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Art Studies. She is past President of Forest City Gallery, an artist run center in London where she produced and participated in Solo Exhibitions, Performance Art Festivals and coordinated group shows (Merge, Between the Cracks, UFO Show). She is also trained in dance and has several years of stage experience.

Sophie Hawkins has appeared on television, spoken at conferences and on radio, and served on committees engaged in direct action campaigns on various aspects of human rights. Currently, she is involved in bringing Yoga/Meditation into mental health care.

Sophie's approach to Yoga/Meditation and Thai Massage derives from the spiritual traditions of both East and West, her deep and varied training and experiences, and her work with Dr. Pankaj Seth. Sophie practices Thai Massage Therapy and provides instruction in Yoga from her own centre, Thai Massage London and Yoga Studio.